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Learning Programs


The early childhood curriculum (Te Whaariki) has been developed by The Ministry of Education to ensure that licensed Childcare Centres are consistent in providing the best possible education and care. Te Whaariki is designed to encourage children to use their abilities to create, discover, experiment, explore and realise a love of learning. Te Whaariki is based on four principles and within these are five important areas of learning and development.

Family and Community
Holistic Development
Well Being

At Kidz Unlimited we offer a program that is semi-structured, recognising the holistic way in which children learn.


Learning stories, group observations, photos and emergent ideas are used to plan interesting and challenging child initiated and teacher directed activities in maths, music, language, arts, technology and science. These learning experiences will extend on and support your child’s knowledge and understanding. We display all of this information on our Planning Story Boards, please feel free to have a look at what is happening at K.U when you visit the Centre.


Every individual child has their own Portfolio, which will contain photos, artwork, observations and parent contribution forms. Parents/Whanau and your child will have access to this information at all times while maintaining confidentiality.


We encourage participation and feedback from our parents as we are working together in the development of your children. The centre welcomes suggestions about aspects of the programme, please feel free to visit and share your talents and skills.


13 Family and Community Holistic Development Empowerment Relationships Well Being Belonging Contribution Communication Exploration Children are able to choose from a wide range of indoor and outdoor resources and equipment.


With our caring and competent educators, an outstanding curriculum and Centre especially designed for children, you can have confidence that your child will develop skills that will be needed in the years ahead.

Under Twos


Infants – Our Educators are here to provide a predictable and calm environment which allows infants to develop a sense of their own worth, necessary for them to become confident in relationships and as learners.


Toddlers – Our Educators are here to provide your toddlers with a wide range of fun learning activities, which will provide challenges and predictable happenings to allow your child to try things for themselves. We will also help your child to feel comfortable playing and interacting with other children.

Over Twos


The over two children are separated into 4 groups:

Kiwi’s – 4 to 5 year olds – School Readiness Programme

Kakapo’s – 31/2 to 4 year olds

Pukeko’s - 21/2 to 31/2 year olds

Kea’s - Children who have just turned 2

Kiwis – Children aged 4-5 years are encouraged to participate in our school readiness programme, which has been developed to help ease them into Primary School. The Kiwis are introduced to language and literacy, early maths, self-help skills and handwriting skills. The Kiwi group are also encouraged to explore, ask questions, try new things and have loads of fun too! Please feel free to discuss this program with staff.

Kakapos - The Kakapos are encouraged to participate in a program designed to extend there concentration span and also to give them the confidence to participate in group activities. In this group they have a lot of fun being creative and enjoy a range of age appropriate activities. A few examples of the activities include a, b, c, colours, numbers, shapes, concepts. If you would like to know more about this program please do not hesitate to ask our Educators.


Pukekos - The Children in the Pukeko group will learn how to express themselves and communicate their needs and ideas, extend on language on a range of topics, recognise numbers 1-10, focus for 10-15 minutes on one activity, control a pencil with confidence, have developing fine motor control, recognise a few different shapes, contribute and engage in small group activities, follow simple instructions.


Keas – After your child moves from the baby and toddler room, they will be in the Kea Group. Within this group, they will be learning activities and actions which will help forward them into the next group and also help them in everyday life both within the centre environment and also at home. Among these are: Primary colours, shapes and name recognition (by sound and first letter) and pronunciation. Fine and gross motor skills (puzzles, artwork etc). Hand-eye co-ordination (threading, scissor skills etc). Understanding commands and instructions, through repetition and consistency.

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