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Kidz Unlimited is an exciting place of exploration, growth, fun, relationships and happiness. Our learning programme  reflects our foundational philosophical belief that children should be given encouragement and support to learn and grow in order for all kids in our care to reach their full potential.

We understand that early childhood is a critical stage in every child’s development, and with this in mind we have taken care to create a learning environment which is equal parts both challenging and fun. We don’t think there’s any reason why fun and learning should be mutually exclusive – our programme of both self-initiated and small group time have a proven track record of helping our kids grow and develop while ensuring that every day the kids are excited to come and learn and play.


About Kidz Unlimited

Parent Testimonials

“My son has attended Kidz Unlimited since he was three months old. I can see how beneficial it has been for him, as my two older children only attended public kindy before school and my son is so much more prepared for school than they were. It is a fantastic centre providing a great learning environment where children are looked after by caring staff , having the opportunity to develop social and self help skills for their future learning.” – Pam

See Our Parents Information Pack for More

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